Unveiling The Underground Show: STLHipHop’s Newest Beat

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The rhythmic pulse of hip hop culture in St. Louis is about to hit a new high with the premiere of ‘The Underground Show’ on STLHipHop! This eagerly anticipated live show and playlist will grace the digital airwaves every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8PM, streaming proudly on the main page of stlhiphopradio.com. For those craving a visual experience, the video rendition currently on Youtube, will exclusively air on STLHipHop TV on Roku.

Hosted by the dynamic duo of LC RAZZ and Phat Tuesdae, ‘The Underground Show’ promises a thrilling journey through indie and underground hip hop. This isn’t just about music; it’s an invitation into the world of these artists, with in-depth interviews ranging from the revered OGs of the Lou to the fresh, burgeoning talents making waves in the scene.

More than a platform for local talent, the show sets its sights on being a global gateway, introducing St. Louis to the world while simultaneously acquainting the city with new music and artists from diverse corners of the globe. It’s a melting pot of sounds and stories, a vibrant celebration of hip hop’s ever-evolving landscape.

As anticipation builds for the debut, the initial lineup of guests remains tantalizingly under wraps, soon to be unveiled to eager audiences. Expect a mix of established names and emerging stars, a testament to the show’s commitment to showcasing the breadth and depth of the hip hop universe.

For those aspiring to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, opportunities await. Submissions, in the form of properly tagged mp3 files, are encouraged. Include essential details such as song title, artist name, a brief description, producer, and label, then send them over to tugs@stlhiphopradio.com for consideration. It’s a chance for talents to shine on a platform designed to amplify their voices and beats.

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‘The Underground Show’ isn’t just another addition to the music scene; it’s a beacon of unity, bridging communities through the universal language of hip hop. It’s an ode to diversity, a celebration of individuality, and a testament to the unifying power of music.

Stay tuned to STLHipHop for updates, announcements, and the much-anticipated launch of ‘The Underground Show.’ Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds and stories that promise to redefine the rhythm of St. Louis.

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