We Comin’ Wrestling Cast | Survivor Series Preview…What Can Light A Fire Under WWE?

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RVS and R8TED_R brush the weight of the elections off their shoulders and dive right into the heated happenings in the world of pro-wrestling
The fellas discuss:

● Zelina Vega’s sudden firing from WWE after starting an Only Fans account (6:33)
● Do wrestlers need to do a better job of negotiating third party deals outside WWE? (13:41)
● Is WWE trying to make Lana quit or punish her for Miro going to AEW? (21:01)
● The Brandi Rhodes vs Jade Cargill promo (23:18)
● RVS Rant: Why are people questioning Brandi Rhodes’ blackness and code switching? (29:25)
● The upcoming AEW video game produced by the company that made WWF No Mercy (40:21)
● R8TED R’s theory on what will light a fire under WWE (47:34)
● Leon Ruff winning the NXT North American championship (53:25)
● Savio Vega and BSK returning for Undertaker’s Farewell at Survivor Series (1:01:49)
● R8TED R’s prediction for the Undertaker’s farewell moment (1:03:33)
● Survivor Series predictions (1:15:24)
● R8TED R Rants: The Retribution storyline (1:18:11)

On God ‘Nem Award: Roddy Piper for putting a bounty on Brian Alverez
Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho
I’m Black Y’all: Leon Ruff

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