We Comin’ For You Wrestling Cast – Wrestlemania 37 and the Hulk Hogan Wall of Racism

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RVS and R8TED R celebrate 40 episodes of We Comin For You Cast and dive into crazy Pre-Mania world of Pro Wrestling
The fellas also discuss
● Our first Twitter troll and Listener questions
● The Hurt Business Breakup
● Did Vince McMahon only give black wrestlers championships because there were no live fans?
● Charly Caruso moving from WWE to ESPN full time
● Dave Batistsa backing out of the WWE Hall of Fame
● Does Eric Bischoff get a bad rap?
● What if AEW made a “Wednesday Night Wars” documentary
● Is a WWE/AEW crossover going to happen
● Is Roman Reigns or Kenny Omega having a better 2021
● Who will win Edge vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

How You Take PTO to Commit Treason: The Jerichos
Nate Robinson Award of Egregiousness: NBC Universal 
I’m Black Y’all: Ronda Rousey?!?
Also the debut of our new segments The Hulk Hogan Wall of Racism and R8TED R’s Rambunctious Renditions of Predictions

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