We Comin’ For You Wrestling Cast – How You Take PTO to Commit Treason On the Road to Wrestlemania?

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 01/25/2021


RVS and R8TED R get MAD political since all the crazy happenings in the U.S. are directly connected to the crazy happenings in the world of pro wrestling

The fellas discuss:
● Linda Mcmahon’s PAC funding the group that stormed the U.S. Capitol
● Drew Mcintyre getting the Rona
● Goldberg fighting for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble
● Sasha Banks ranked 2020 Sports Illustrated #1 wrestler
● Cardi B tweeting about being a wrestling fan
● Mark Henry’s reaction to Fat James Harden jokes
● Booker T calling out The Rock
● Tweets is Watching: T-Bar vs Sammy Guevara
● Vince McMahon’s XFL countersuit
● Will Bullet Club unite the wrestling world
On God ‘Nem Award: Batista
Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Val Venus

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