We Comin’ For You Wrestling Cast- Enjoying Wrestling During The Rona

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This episode we celebrate R8TED_R’s BIG RONA quarantine birthday with the homies Mil-Ticket and TKee while we talk about the recent happenings in pro wrestling.

The fellas discuss

  • How our enjoyment of wrestling has changed during the Rona Era
  • The documentaries WWE should put together on the Network for us to watch during the Rona
  • R8TED_R’s quarantine bae starts a Patreon
  • Tiered paywall sports programming
  • What does Keith Lee being double NXT champ mean for the culture?
  • 11 out of 15 champs in WWE are people of color right now
  • What we think of the new US Championship belt and what TV characters are the belts compared to
  • What black people should get as Pro Wrestling Reparations
  • Jim Ross tired of all the unrealistic wrestling

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: All the wrestlers sexually assaulting people

New Jack City: New Jack on DJ Vlad pt 1

I’m Black Y’all: Keith Lee



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