We Comin’ For You Wrestling Cast- Black Lives That Really REALLY Matter w/ Akbar X

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RVS and R8TED_R start out with breaking news about The Rock buying the XFL and are later joined by Brother Akbar X for a SUPER BLACKITY BLACK edition of the We Comin’ For You Cast

The fellas discuss

  • #NaomiDeservesBetter and Booker T’s response to it
  • Black Lives That Don’t Matter and Black Lives That REALLY Matter
  • Brother Akbar’s 3 Step Platform for Saving Blackness in Pro Wrestling
  • The Urban Wrestling Federation?!?!
  • Is the Hurt Business the new Nation of Domination?
  • Black Lives That Really Really Matter
  • Why couldn’t Keith Lee keep both titles?
  • Big E’s singles run and the likelihood of him actually being World Champion
  • Ric Flair being just like a brother from North Carolina

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Ric Flair, Antonio and all of yall who aren’t wearing masks

New Jack City: More on New Jack’s relationship with Terry Runnels

I’m Black Y’all: MVP

And another R8TED_R Rona PSA


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