We Comin’ For You Wrestling Cast – A Can of Whup Ass for a Karen

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RVS and ROD reiterate that #BlackLivesMatter as they talk about the week that was in Pro Wrestling. The fellas catch up on

  • A WWE wrestler getting The Rona and WWE bringing”real” fans back right after
  • AEW’s handling of The Rona vs WWE’s handling of The Rona
  • Where are the black main eventers in AEW?!
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin opening a can of Whup Ass on a Karen and racism
  • Is John Cena really the guy we thought Hulk Hogan was?
  • The Bullet Club Black Lives Matter T-Shirt
  • Shawn Michaels “breaking down” systemic racism
  • A former NWA TV Champion answering the AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge
  • Is AEW slowly turning Cody Rhodes heel?
  • Randy Orton going in-depth on what made him support Black Lives Matter
  • Bobby Lashley losing because of a white woman
  • Thoughts on “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at Backlash

R8TED_R rants: NASCAR and fake outrage

You Can’t Spell Wrestling Without STL: Randy Orton

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Zack Ryder, LJN & a butt naked Miss Elizabeth action figure

I’m Black Y’all: Big Swole

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