We Comin For Ya Wrestling Podcast:I Mean It’s Close

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RVS and R8ted_R come right back at you with the first video version of We Comin’ For You Cast! Find out which Zoom backgrounds R8ted_R picks as well as what raises the podcast’s Combo Meter

The fellas also talk about

  • A hack comedian (*cough* Tom Segura) calling wrestling fans the “R Word”
  • AEW fining $10,000 by Maryland State Athletic Commission
  • AJ Styles on returning on Raw
  • WWE vs Non-WWE Documentaries
  • Can WWE Network learn from Being the Elite?
  • Nikki Bella salty about Ronda Rousey’s Royal Rumble debut
  • King of Fighters /WWE mashup game and potential special moves for wrestlers
  • XFL Seeking new ownership
  • Is Tony Khan the 2020 version Vince McMahon?
  • Which 2 professional athletes look like ghetto twins?

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Vince McMahon and whoever else came up with the WWF version of the Ninja Turtles

You Can’t Spell Wrestling Without STL: Raw 1000

I’m Black Y’all: Junkyard Dog

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