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RVS and R8ted R start out the show dying laughing and if you’ve seen the cover for this episode, you know why.  The fellas cover:

  • RIP Howard Finkel
  • WWE releasing wrestlers despite being labeled an essential business and having $500 million in cash reserves
  • Cain Velasquez in WWE vs AAA
  • The Rock and Issa Rae to creating a show about backyard Wrestling
  • WWE celebrating 25 years of Triple H by roasting him
  • What type of drugs would Vince McMahon do today
  • Favorite Triple H matches
  • Gronk returning to the NFL as the reigning, defending, longest-reigning 24/7 champion
  • Jerry Lawler doubling down on racism
  • Aja Smith becoming the first black female ref on Raw

Jon Jones’ Freedom Memorial Award: Velveteen Dream

I’m Black Y’all: Charles Wright aka The Godfather aka Papa Shango aka Kama Mustafa

And the FIRST installment of You Can’t Spell Wrestling Without STL highlighting TNA Lockdown 2007

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