We Comin For Ya Wrestling Cast | AEW Winter is Coming For You!

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RVS and R8TED R talk about 2 biggest wrestling adjacent black events of the past couple of weeks (Jeezy/Gucci Verzuz and Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones) and then hop right into the world of pro-wrestling

The fellas discuss:
Listener feedback from YouTube (10:37)
Survivor Series reactions (23:19)
Get Well Soon D-Von Dudley (35:01)
The Rock’s new jobs (35:53)
WWE trying to poach AEW talent (45:49)
Young Bucks being mad they aren’t on the PWI Top 10 Tag Team List (58:32)
Undertaker giving more details on when he caught on fire in STL and thoughts on his farewell (1:06:10)
WCFYMania stories – The hotel finesse in New Orleans (1:15:26)
AEW Winter is Coming predictions (1:23:36)
Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones reactions (1:30:19)

Also, the introduction of the Nate Robinson Award of Egregiousness
I’m Black Y’all – “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs

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