The Scenario | The Blackest Week of 2020

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The Scenario makes its return! We discuss listener emails about the excommunication of a crew member and about a sellout of all-time bracket. We then dive into the show and discuss

The 2020 Presidential election and why Biden needs to really thank black people
Oregon is gonna be the new South Florida by decriminalizing all drugs
We update the year that some U.S. states are in
• Florida
• Utah
• Mississippi
• Pennsylvania
• Michigan
• Georgia
• Nevada
• Missouri
• Arizona
Kamala Harris to become a hood legend?
Are these Trump rappers invited to Thanksgiving Dinner? (Ice Cube, Waka Flocka, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne
MAFA announces its Supreme Court Nominations
Alex Trebek passing
Trump’s evangelical pastor tries to bring the spirits of God to help him win the election
Ben Carson gets Coronavirus


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The Scenario | The Blackest Week of 2020