The Scenario: The Black People’s Unsolved Mysteries

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 07/06/2020


The Coronavirus is still running rampant in these streets but we still are here to give you great content. This episode we discuss:

• Bobby Bonilla Being a Black American Hero and the Negro league being 100 years old
• We have to stop Eddie Winslow aka Darius McCrary from playing historical black people
• Ja Rule’s Gyro commercial
• Covid -19 picture fronting
• Alabama Coronavirus Parties
• Big Daddy Herman Cain gets the Big Rona
• August Alsina and Jada Pinkett
• Cam Newton is a Patriot
• Gifting Circles and Ponzi Schemes
• Akbar X is upset at Umar Johnson for stealing his idea with the wifey resumes
• The Scenario of the week: Unsolved Mysteries for Black people

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