The Scenario- Is Kanye West the Greatest Sell Out of All Time?

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 08/10/2020


The Scenario makes its return and we haven’t sold out. This week we talk about:

  • Stealing from the Covid-19 collection plate
  • NBA restart and Lou Williams: Wings & Fries…or hips and thighs?
  • Roy Jones vs. Mike Tyson…Nope
  • WTFW of the Year- Stella Immanuel and the Covid cover up
  • Happy Emancipation Day
  • The Pre-existing conditions restaurant fight

AkBar X joins and then talk about his former life with Angela King Stanton, 3D Russian Chicken, and the death of Big Daddy Herman Cain

Topic of the day: Is Kanye West the greatest sell-out of all time

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