The Scenario: Casually Incarcerated in Prince’s Revolution

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 05/29/2020


The Scenario another dope episode/ We discuss:

  • The Chicken Wars has some new entrants: Lee’s, Jack n a Box, and KFC
  • Joe Rogan gets that check from Spotify
  • Doja Cat shows how much self-hate she really has
  • Lake of the Ozarks and Houston no-shelter and kick it
  • Man Fakes Coronavirus shuts down the company for weeks
  • 2 NFL Players sue airlines for allowing sexual harassment on an airplane
  • Reggie Bush says college players shouldn’t get paid

Joe Biden’s “discussion” with Charlamagne the God on The Breakfast club

New “Karen” aka Amy Cooper gets life decimated after crying wolf on a black man in Central Park

The death of George Floyd and Akbar X talks about the rioters

Donald Trump’s new “war” against social media

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