l Only Listen to 90s Music-The Saga of the City Cousin vs the Suburb Cousin (Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole Verzuz)

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 12/11/2020


The team is back this week discussing the more levels to Toni Braxton’s Seven Whole Days and break up songs in the new millennium. Then they discuss:

  • How they just found out that Sybil’s “Don’t Make Me Over” was a remake from Dionne Warrick and how shocked they were when they found out certain songs were remakes
  • Building a new R&B group from pieces of other 90s R&B groups
  • Breaking down the Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole upcoming Verzuz and how it is the battle between two cousins. One from the suburbs and one from the city

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