I Only Listen to 90s Music- If I Ever Fall In Love Again An Interview w/ Dr. Garfield Bright

"Straight Outta Locash, Uncategorized", by: - 03/03/2021


The I Only Listen to 90s Music Interview series moves on as we surprised Stacey with our special guest the great Dr. Garfield Bright of the classic 90s R&B group Shai. 
After Stacey settled down from her initial shocked Garfield talked about his early days being a part of the Nation of Islam how the group Shai was created, how most of the songs recorded on the “If I Ever Fall in Love” album were already written, and sung by the group.

He then breaks down how the label didn’t understand the influence hip hop music was having on R&B, how the group eventually parted ways, and how he decided to go back to college and get his PhD in Educational Policy from Georgia State

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