Heaven | Big Will (Prod. By Avevo)



Verse 1

Somebody asked me if I believed in heaven or hell
I got to thinking for a minute ‘cause
If heaven and hell are both infinite
Then what if we pray for something and we’re already in it

What if heaven ain’t a place you get to see when you die
What if heaven is a place you get to see when you try
To live positive
Always share when you got it to give
And set examples of how to and how not to live

I look on the news and I see calamity
What is heaven is spending time with my family
Christianity says if I pray mechanically and just believe in him l’ma make it
I don’t think it could be that simple though, how can it be

And if you ask me it’s a damn shame
We’re out fighting over his damn name
Yet you claiming you can tell me where he live it Ha
Please forgive me I can’t get with that, they say you know where Heaven is

Verse 2

Heaven is living Long enough to see yo kids grow
And leaving a strong legacy so yo kids know
Heaven is walking hand in hand with the love of your life
And life gets crazy sometimes but you made it through the strife

I find heaven rhymes ain’t know I was that ill
I find heaven in a rap chill
I found heaven in K Dot verse think it was DNA
It was so perfect i ain’t even know what to say

Heaven is sexing a Dime first time you stick it in
And you can tell she in ecstasy when the dick get in
Chilling after work late
It’s like flowers on your birth date
Or leaving prison on the first day

Heaven is nights on the phone with girl and you really like her
Beautiful poems from your favorite writer
I found heaven in my mama cooking
Or poppin wheelies when my mom was looking
Or joking with my dad before they took him