Episode 76 – How Does It Hold Up?

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On Episode 76 – How Does It Hold Up?! The guys discuss the MCU Phase 1. Does It Hold Up? Does The Movie Have Any Payoffs? Can It Stand Alone as Film? The Guys Get Into Their Film Critique Bag.

Look Out For #OffTheDome, One Gotta Go! My Wife x Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, or The Bernie Mac Show

What 90’s Moment Do You Wish Social Media Was Around For?

On #ThePullUP
– Black Lives Matter – RIP George Floyd
-Billionaires really broke?
-HBO Max/Justice League
-DMX wants smoke with Jay-Z or Eminem

Check out #JohnnieHatesEverything , he get personal with more details about Black Lives Matters!

Please Enjoy!!!!