Episode 25 – Colonizer Music Appreciation Feat. Cleo Jones

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Colonizer Music Appreciation! On Episode 25, Cleo Jones Returns!!! In the #OFFTHEDOME segment, Who’s on track to get an EGOT, Donald Glover or Common? Also, who has the best biscuit? We also do a Nostalgia Ain’t Sh*t Recap about 90’s Sit-Com Reboot Rumors. Was Mo’Nique Netflix Offer Too Low? Is Bruno Mars a Cultural Appropriator? Main Topic: We dive into the world of Blue-Eyed Soul. Please Enjoy

Outro: Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgetting

Apple Music Playlist – https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/colonizer-music-appreciation/pl.u-8aAVXobUar08LN

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