Episode 19 – 1st Annual Oversaturated Awards

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WHAT A WAY TO END THE YEAR! Oversaturated: The Podcast is proud to present the 1st Annual Oversaturated Awards. Johnnie and Ralph reintroduced themselves and how the podcast was born. Before the awards are actually given out, the guys have to give their opinions on the 2018 Grammy Award Nominations. The Oversaturated Award Categories are: Best Rap Battle, Best TV Show, Best Comic Book Movie, Best Viral Moment, Black Girl Magic Award, Listeners’ Choice Award, Most Disappointing Album/Artists, Song of The Year, and MVP Award. Also, Oversaturated couldn’t leave you without a Top 5 List! This time they are ranking their individual top 5 Hip-Hop albums from 2017. Stay Tuned for a MAJOR #PodernFamily Shout Out Toward The End. Please Enjoy!!!

Outro: 2 Chainz Feat. Drake – Big Amount

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