Climb - AddVerb Superb, featuring T Menace



Originally, one of my all-time favorite emcees was going to be on here, but his life was going a different direction, and I couldn’t get him on the track.

One day, while thinking about how I was going to finish the guest list for the entire project, I received a gift from the universe: “You know who also is very nice, similar powerful voice and style, good delivery, great cadence, and who could probably get loose…? T Menace.”

T Menace is the primary vox to a great St. Louis foundational group, Fat Monkey, and is perhaps the most recognizable voice of his era. I always loved what they did, was amazed at their stage presence, ability, and sheer energy. He too, had stepped back from the scene for a while, to concentrate on being a father, and husband, and be the type of man we both hinted at as young men, modeled ourselves after to the best of our abilities, and ultimately became.

There were lots of fits and starts, but one glorious day, he showed up in the studio ready to go, and delivered what has become one of my best recording experiences.

Thank you T, for, in you own words: “Picking the perfect time to get back in the booth.”

Ladies and gentlemen? CLIMB

Lyric, Loop, and (the) LoFi LeFreq – I Think Records/Frozen Food Section

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