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I like That by Patriotic Klown Face

Certified Dope, Singles 27 Nov 22 0

Who knew patriotic rap in the region was a thing? New add on stlhiphop Radio. Stay tuned for the interview, Patriotic Klown Face is coming (more…)

Got Smoke by Revue the Poet

Certified Dope, Singles 11 Oct 22 0

You know, people who got smoke for everything except what they should have smoke for… (more…)… (more…)

JayKaze – All Love (feat. WvyPast12 & Leah Z)

Certified Dope, Rise & Shine 28 May 22 0

🎧Its all love, not about killing, guns or traplife. Takes it back to when hip hop was fun, when rappers were lyrical and people were (more…)