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The Underground Show ft Special Guest Sonny Metcalf

The Wake Up Mix ft G. Wiz 20 Dec 23 0

With your host Phat Tuesdae Lc Razz and guest Sonny Metcalfe (more…)… (more…)

Unveiling The Underground Show: STLHipHop’s Newest Beat

Official, The Underground Show, This Week's Covers 03 Dec 23 0

The rhythmic pulse of hip hop culture in St. Louis is about to hit a new high with the premiere of ‘The Underground Show’ on (more…)

Brother Ben X Talks About His New Single “Betrayal”.

Singles, The DJ Rockwell Show 19 Feb 23 0

Many know the social media influencer as an entrepreneur and content creator but who knew that Brother Ben X also had bars? On this episode, (more…)