Black Is Beautiful | Big Will x Marlé Blu



I seen a four year old girl cry cause she was ugly
On the shade room and i just wish that she could hug me
So I could sit her down and tell her she beautiful
In an ugly world but that what it can do to you

I can’t lie as I write this it bring me to tears
I don’t have kids but that’s one of my biggest fears
I tell my baby she’s a princess and put on her crown
just to have some clown tearing her confidence Down

I would tell all the babies that’s coming up in this system
That there’s a such thing in this world as colorism
Where were taught not to appreciate skin… that were in…
That’s why some of these young men prefer your light skinned friend

I just hope one day that baby gets to hear this
So every time she feeling down it can pick up her spirit
I hope you I want to love your shade and your beautiful curls
This goes out to all my young black and beautiful girls

Verse two

Little black girl, you’re magic always remember that
No more self hatred or doubt, let’s put an end to that
Beautiful queen just look at you
People pay a lot of money just to look like you
Not to mention you’re so smart, a perfect piece of art
All that flavor all that rhythm comes from the beat of your heart
And influential muse, so inspiring
So if they’re staring it’s only cause they’re admiring
Don’t never let nobody tell you you aint special
They try to break you down cause they ain’t on your level
But Hold your head up high don’t let your crown slip
It shines perfectly radiating your brown skin
Tell your sister that she’s worth it she’s more than enough
That’s girl power, all it takes is just showing some love
And remember who you are when they’re going gets tough
Follow your dreams little queen, rise above

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