L.A. feat Bo Dean “The World is Yours” (Produced by @FrescoStevens)

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Singles 27 Sep 18 0

2 of STLs heaviest Heavy Hitters join forces on an inspirational track to remind us that the world is OURS.

This song was Produced by Fresco Stevens and was recorded by Ryan Wordsmith @ Janitor’s Box Studios in STL.

Welcome to St. Louis by Bates

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Singles 08 Aug 18 0

The unannounced nostalgic mixtape by St. Louis rapper, Bates, on all beats from the 90’s. “1990 Raw” features some dope artists from the Bates’ hometown.

Double Edged Sword by 3KNGZ Prod By Tylan feat Chris Locsin x Leanne Lopez

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Singles 23 Jun 18 0

An uplifting thoughtful song that promotes betterness from us all. 3KNGZ push the envelope again to razor sharp lyrics, great concepts and a nicely packaged beat. Chris Locsin delivers the hook like a stork bringing a baby. Leanne Lopez mezmerizes us to sleep with her voice.