A Diamond in the Rough by Kanjia

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Mixtapes 13 Jul 06 0

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Listening party breaks hot joints from the chartoppas to the grind & hustle, get a whiff of fresh joints about to drop from the Lou & beyond.. It you think it's hot now, you ain't ready for Kanjia! Fresh from the Motherland Basement Beats presents A Diamond in the Rough, over 30 sizzlas f. Murphy Lee, Twista, Gena, Ebony Eyez, Gena, King Jacob, Prentiss Church and more. Listen to this podcast (mp3 player, iPod or Window Media required). For more Kanjia visit

KC’s Finest: DJ Hylanda presents Hytymes

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Mixtapes 28 Jun 06 0

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With all the spotlight on the Lou, sometimes KC's hip hop scene gets treated like an EBT card with no funds...hehehe, but on the real, Sta Hygy Promotions got our attention at Murphy Lee's show in Springfied, now for their online debut on stlhiphop Radio here's 24 tracks of all original heat from KC's finest. Blaze this yo! Listen to this podcast (mp3 player, iPod or Window Media required). HIP HOP GENERAL WARNING... "BITING IS NOT A SUITABLE SUBSTITUTE FOR ACTUAL SKILLZ" Playlist 1. The Sweet Cheeba 2. Hytymes Intro 3. Get the Yayo - R.O.B. 4. Excerpt 5. Shadow Supreme - Shadow 6. Where U At? - Harry Houdean 7. Mary Jane Excerpt 8. Smokey Da Bear - Blaq/Lester Brown 9. Smoke An Ounce - Big Jack 10. Ladies 101 - R.O.B./Shady Pachino 11. Lookman - Traffic 12. Drink & Fight - Harry H./Big Jack/R.O.B./tom Gat 13. Fuc' Em All - Rosco Rivers 14. What Be I - Douglass 15. Married to the Game - EZ Weight 16. So Big - Tom Gat 17. The Reasons - Mic Brass 18. Ghetto Muzik - E. Rhymes 19. Don't Hat On Me - LEL 20. Wild Midwest - Shadow/Shady P 21. Get Naked - Tom Gat/Rosco R 22. When I shoot - Harry H/XVI Barz 23. Can't Smoke Wit Cha - Backwood Bros 24. Public Announcement - Brotha Tah Plus hiddend tracks! Get at DJ Hylanda and the Sta Hygh Promo fam at 816-935-6207 or email

No Chasers

Audiolab | Listening Booth, Mixtapes 17 Jun 06 0

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We're going to get this party started by breakin' you off with a 60 minute mix of unadulterated St. Louis hip hop with no chasers (intros, outros or commercial interruptions). Listen to this podcast (mp3 player or iPod required) Episode 1 Playlist 1. You Hott - The Allstars f Bun B (4:36) 2. In My City - Raw Reese (3:24) 3. Angry - Ruka Puff (3:48) 4. Don't Hit Me On My Chirp - Sleep 16 (6:10) 5. Where It At - Mo Blaze (4:51) 6. Don't Want to Fuck With Da Slu Cru - Da Slu Cru (2:21) 7. Black Rose - Tha Nutcase (3:16) 8. When You See Me - Murk Beats (4:08) 9. Gettin' This Paper - Kanjia f. Murphy Lee, King Jacob, Ebony Eyes, Gena & Prentiss Church (3:44) 10. Don't Call Me No More - Ali & Big Gipp (3:32) 11. Dat Girl - Potzee (3:59) 12. Spending All Yo Money - The Apostlez (3:50) 13. The Answer - Honors English (3:06) 14. I'm Still Trying - EQ (4:00) 15. Hip Hop Baby - Kileia (4:03) Help support St. Louis hip hop! CD and high quality download of our podcasts, as well as other St. Louis hip hop cds and mp3s available. For more information on the artists or music featured on this podcast or to purchase music visit or email